JMV is the new distributor of Pontual Wines

Nov 21, 2018

JMV Distribution expanded its wine range after forming a partnership with Pontual Wines on November 2018.

The partnership between JMV and Pontual Wines will make it possible to include in its portfolio all the wines produced by PLC – Companhia de Vinhos do Alandroal, Lda. JMV has taken a further step in enriching its range of major brands from leading national and international drinks producers that it represents exclusively in the national market, whilst building relationships of trust for more than 55 years.

PLC – Companhia de Vinhos do Alandroal, Lda., which operates under the name Pontual Wines, was founded in 2000 by the grape producers Paolo Fiuza Nigra, Luís Bulhão Martins and Carlos Portas who upheld a tradition. The project was named based on each founder’s initials: PLC.

In Alentejo’s rolling plains, between Alandroal and Portalegre, the team combined 100 hectares of vineyards planted in shaley soils where indigenous and other grape varieties are the basis for producing high quality wines.

JMV’s distribution of wines from Pontual Wines will start with Pontual White, Pontual Superior Red, Pontual Syrah and Pontual Reserva Red. The range will be completed shortly with Pontual Touriga Nacional and Pontual Grande Reserva Red.

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