Ramos Pinto presents new image and packaging of portwine Lágrima

Nov 17, 2017

Being one of the oldest wine references in portwine of Ramos Pinto, it was intended to apply some modernity respecting the tradition of the centenary Ramos Pinto and Lágrima.

The intervention was done in the label, individual box and transport box.

The label assumes the round shape of the top of the label and the word LÁGRIMA. The figure on the label has been improved in the definition and color, one of the main changes being the return to its original color in the background color of the label: white. 

In order to distinguish LÁGRIMA WHITE from LÁGRIMA RED, a chromatic code was used. In Lágrima White was resorted to the colors blue and gold, and in Lágrima Red the colors "bordeaux" and gold. In order to reinforce this distinction, the inscriptions were added on the label: "Branco / White / Blanc" and "Tinto / Red / Rouge".

The individual box incorporates the elements of the label, reflecting the new design, reinforcing the quality.

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