This product combines the positive effects of infusions with the benefits of coffee without caffeine. With its flavors of mint and chamomile, which are associated with a feeling of relaxation it can be drunk by anyone wishing to avoid caffeine without giving up the pleasure of a cup of coffee.

Suggestion: Try to reduce the sugar in this coffee.


Blend of roasted ground decaffeinated coffee with mint and chamomile infusion.
Ingredients: Decaffeinated coffee (95%), mint infusion (2.5%), chamomile infusion (2.5%) and vanilla flavoring.


Tasting Notes
Appearance - This Torrié Zen exhibits a rich persistent creamy foam with hazelnut color.
Aroma - The aromas of mint and vanilla stand out in the nose, wrapped in chocolate notes.
Taste - Sweet and intense flavor, slightly astringent. Moderate body and a long aftertaste.


Additional Information 
- Package: Easy-open cardboard box containing 15 pods.